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What are Tokens?

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2013 12:25PM AEDT
One of the best features of Keyword Machine is the use of tokens in the setup of your PPC campaigns. Tokens dynamically insert your Keywords, associated Data and Stem Keywords into your Campaign Names, Ad Groups Names and Text Ads.

Tokens are also a crucial component on how your campaigns / ad groups are grouped and organised. There are two types of tokens: Standard that come with every Keyword Batch and your Custom tokens that are derived from your imported Keywords & Data CSV

Standard Tokens


Token Name Where does this come from? Notes
[Keyword] Step 2 Keywords > Keyword Column You can either use the token [Keyword] or the original column header name.

​For example if you had a column in your CSV called “City” that you selected as the Keyword Column, to insert values from that column you could use [Keyword] or [City] token.
[StemKeyword] Step 2 Keywords > Stem Keyword
[CombinedKeyword] Step 3 > Advanced Settings > Keywords To Combine and Add Into Ad Group If you’ve selected both Forward (Keyword + Stem) and Backward (Stem + Keyword) then both variations will be used. If you ticked “Keyword Only”, this will not be included in [CombinedKeyword]. If you wish to use “Keyword Only” use the token [Keyword].
[MatchType] Step 3 > Advanced Settings > Match Types [MatchType] values:

Custom Tokens

​Custom Tokens are created from your imported Keywords & Data CSV. The name of your tokens are taken from the column headings in your imported CSV file.

So if you imported the following CSV file into Keywords & Data, and you’ve selected City as the Keyword Column:

Select Keyword Column

​Then the following tokens become available for you to use:


Custom tokens highlighted in italics

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