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How do I import Keywords & Data?

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2013 09:35AM AEDT
There are 2 ways to import Keywords & Data into your Keyword Batch:

Option 1. Uploading a CSV file
Option 2. Copy and Paste. 

CSV File

Refer to screenshot above for example CSV format. 

Include a header row in your CSV to help you identify what data is in each column. Use meaningful names in your header row as column headings will be used as Token names when setting up your Campaigns, Ad Groups and Text Ads. 

Copy and Paste

You can also copy and paste your keywords and data directly into Keyword Machine, ensuring each item is on its own row, separating values with a comma. 

Here is what the copy and paste would look like, using the above CSV example: 

City,Region,Country,Quantity,Min Price,Max Price
San Francisco,California,USA,23,$99,$350

Once you’ve prepared your Keywords & Data CSV, follow these steps to import it:

1. Select Import Keywords & Data

2. Click Choose File to select your CSV file, or copy and paste CSV data directly into text box 
If your CSV data already contains column headings, tick “My file/data has column headers”

3. Click Next Step: Select Keyword Column

4. Select which column in your CSV file contains your Keywords, whilst remaining columns will be treated as associated Data. 

5. You can also rename column headings here. Use descriptive column headings as these will be used as your token names when setting up ad groups and text ads. 

6. Click Import to finish Keyword & Data upload.

To reselect your Keyword column, click Select Keyword Column

To replace all your Keywords & Data, click Replace Keywords & Data and follow above instructions again.

Things you need to know about this screen:

* Keyword Preview only displays values from the first 5 rows of data (excluding Header) from your Keywords & Data CSV or Copy and Paste. This is to ensure the Keyword Machine app runs smoothly in your web browser. 

* You can’t make additions or alterations to existing Keyword or Stem Keyword lists. You can only remove and replace lists in their entirety. 

* When you upload a new Keyword & Data CSV or Stem Keyword list, it will overwrite your previously saved Keywords and Stem Keyword list immediately – even if you haven’t saved the Keyword Batch. The upload is permanent and cannot be reversed so be careful when uploading new Keyword and Stem lists. Double-check your CSV in a spreadsheet program before uploading them into Keyword Machine. 

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