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What are the character limits of the Ad Template?

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2013 06:20PM AEDT
Ad Template character limits are based off Google's text ad character limits. 
Text ad and Backup ad field Google character limit including spaces
Headline 25
Description Line 1 35
Description Line 2 35
Display URL 35
Destination URL 1024

Character count appears next to each field in the Text Ad Template. The first number is the count of characters including spaces but excluding Tokens. The second number is the limit imposed by Google AdWords.

For example using the example below, the current Headline "Flights to " uses 11 characters out of 25 allowed. It doesn't count the 6 characters used up by the Token: [City]. If your field goes over the character limit, the field will turn red.

Things you should know about Ad Template character limits:

* Character count in Text Ad ignores Tokens

* Currently the character limits imposed on text ad templates do not support:
- double-width languages such as Chinese, Japanese or Korean
- longer text ads for certain countries in Eastern Europe and Asia

Keyword Machine provides character count information about your Token values to help you maximise the number of text ads that don't exceed the character limit.

Under the INFO section in the right hand side of Step 4: Ads you'll see a table called "Token Character Counts". Use the numbers here to guide you how long each text ad template should be without tokens. 


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